Snapshot Battle Royale A GPS based in real life battle royale game!

Available on Android and iOS, SBR is a new multiplayer battle royale that brings the popular game outdoors with no extra gear. Scroll down to learn more!


About SBR.

Snapshot Battle Royale is the only app of its kind. The game features...

Shrinking Zone

The game generates a zone around your location. The zone shrinks and players must outrun it to avoid loosing health.


You can easily create or join a game with your friends. You can also chat publicly or privately in game.

All is Included

SBR features an innovative new elimination system where you eliminate others by capturing them on camera.

Accurate GPS

SBR uses Mapbox accurate satellite data to ensure you have a seamless playing experience.


A New Way To Play.

Eliminate other players by taking pictures of them. To ensure that the game is fair, after taking an image, a vote is initiated where players can vote to cancel the elimination if the image does not clearly show the target. This system allows you to play with only your phone and no extra gear is needed.

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More About SBR.

Fully Customizable

Every setting, such as the zone size, game length, number of votes required to cancel an elimination, and the vote time, is fully customizable.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Play with your friends whether they have Androids or iPhones. The app is identical on both operating systems so there is no competitive advantage on either.

Play Anywhere

Snapshot Battle Royale can be played anywhere! You can play in parks, neighborhoods, and even indoors. Just be sure to pay attention to your surroundings at all times.

App Screenshots.

The following are in-game screenshots of the chat, lobby, controls, zone, and voting.


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Meet the Developer.

Hello, my name is Abel Dagne. I am a student in the 12th grade and I created Snapshot Battle Royale. Playing outdoors has been on a steady decline as more kids turned to electronics for entertainment and the pandemic only worsened this. My goal with SBR is to get kids back outdoors and provide them a fun and easy way to do so. Visit my Linkedin to learn more about me.

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